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Recent TS/TG/TV Sex Tips & Articles


How to Approach Transgender Sex for the First Time

If you are a straight or bisexual person open to transgender sex, you do need to approach the situation a little differently than you would if you were having sex with a person who is not transgendered. This isn’t saying that you need to treat that person differently. They don’t want to be, but you


How to Initiate Transsexual Sex the Right Way

There is a right way and a wrong way to initiate transsexual sex. Knowing how to approach a transsexual in order to engage in a sexual act is something you are going to have to know if you ever want it to happen. If you don’t know how to approach her, she is just going

transsexual sex and dating tips

Want to have Transsexual Sex? 4 Things to Know

If you are straight or bi and you want to have transsexual sex with a T-girl, there are some things that you need to know. While you may feel that sex is sex, the fact is that is not always the case. Just because someone is transsexual does not mean that they are up for


The Basics of Transsexual Sex

If you want to get naked with a transsexual girl, there are some basic issues that you need to be aware of. This is because there are some things that are different about t-girls than girls that were born female. Look at it this way: The girl that you will be holding in your arms


A Short Transgender Sex Survival Guide

Some transgender women tend to be attracted to other transgender women. This attraction has a lot to do with the girl’s appearance, whether or not she is smooth bodied, and if there is this certain degree of confidence present. Really, there is not too much that is hotter than watching two TGs devour one another

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TS/TG Sex: The Bisexual Man and the Transsexual Woman

It would be fair to say that a majority of men that are interested in transsexual woman are bisexual to some degree. Then again, there are perfectly straight men who are curious and they decide that the way to go about the deed is to have sex with a transsexual woman. However, transsexual women typically


Your Guide to Transgender Sex

Your Guide to Transgender Sex New girls in the transgender community tend to be on the promiscuous side because they are enjoying their new femininity, but they think that all of the females in the community are feeling the same way they are and that’s not necessarily so. This means that you need to control

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