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7 Gay Male Sex Tips: When Small is Big

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make sex better. When it comes to gay male sex, there is a lot that can make the sex better and each task doesn’t have to be something significant. In fact, tiny things such as growling can make a difference in how each of you feels about what you’re


5 Secrets to Gay Male Sex

Those having gay male sex for the first time may be a little nervous. They’re nervous about pain, doing the right thing, and they’re nervous about the potential messiness of the act. Fortunately, these concerns don’t have to be an issue and gay male sex can be an enjoyable experience. But first, it is good

Gay sex misconceptions and dating tips

5 Misconceptions about Gay Males Sex

Those that are not gay have strange misconceptions about gay male sex. Some of their misconceptions are so off the wall that some of them cannot even be said here. Nonetheless, there are some “cleaner” misconceptions that require some clarification. The reason for this is because gay male sex is an act that is loving


9 Gay Male Sex Tips and Tricks

Gay male sex can get boring over the time if doing the same old thing again and again. You have to jazz it up a bit so that it is fun, interesting, and so you can stimulate your partner in all of the ways they want to be stimulated. To achieve this, the two of


A Gay Male Sex Guide to How to be a Better Bottom

The top does all of the bumping and grinding, but it is the man on the bottom that has to do a lot of the work. A unique aspect of gay sex is that it is best to plan it. This means that spontaneity isn’t always an option because things do need to stay clean.


8 Gay Male Sex Positions You’ll Love

The same old position can become rather boring, causing you to seek out positions that will better suit your sex life because, let’s face it, boring sex means avoiding sex. If you can spice it up a bit, you will be well on your way to feeling a little more adventurous in the bedroom with

male to male sex - shutterstock_28117144

5 Ways to Achieve Better Gay Male Sex

Usually, gay men are not taught how to have better gay male sex. It is more or less a matter of them figuring it out themselves through experience. This can lead to a little bit of a confidence issue when it comes to having a sexual encounter. This confidence issue can then affect the ability

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